The time has finally come for our special Goose 4 course dinner.

Don’t miss this limited opportunity when we serve unique Goose products from famous Eduardo Sousa.

This award winning Spanish farmer makes limited production of goose foie gras without gavage (force-feeding the geese) in Extremadura.

BBC has named his products as “The Holy Grail of foie gras” 10 years ago.


From August 17th until September 2nd we are serving 4 course Goose dinner at Embassy of Sagrantinia.

Price is set to only 595 SEK per person.
Wine menu with 5 wines (optional) is set to 695 SEK per person
(total 1290 SEK per person)


Please note that this is a limited offer and that it can end before the end of period announced above.

Please make a reservation through “bookatable” link on our homepage.

The Embassy of Sagrantinia welcomes you!